Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a day on the beach

I guess I have been waiting for something really positive to write about because I feel I just complain all the time.
After the colonoscopy I developed severe heartburn that nothing seemed to help.
I have been taking prilosec twice a day (double dose) and zantac once a day and tons of tums.
I have even gone so far as to quit coffee a week ago. Then last Thursday I developed laryngitis. Originally I think it was related to the heartburn. At night when you lay down, if the bottom muscle of your esophagus is not strong it allows the acidy stomach contents up to your vocal chords and even into your lungs.
So I had laryngitis for our concert for earth day. It was interesting, I had to develop different strategies to sing. It went pretty well though. We got it all on film and Ken is working on preparing part of it to post here.
I now have full blown bronchitis, and am pretty much feeling sorry for myself. The heartburn and stomach pains are better though.
We have another concert this Friday night in Bandon, at Brewed Awakenings, so I am trying not to talk at all to get my voice back for that.

I do think that the hyperbaric oxygen helped my problems, it is just hard because I have had OTHER problems ever since I finished.
The other very sad news is that Brandy Hindman the 28 year old women whom I spoke about last fall in this blog,( with the breast cancer) died rather suddenly last week. Wife and mother of two very small children.
We REALLY DO have to find out what is going on in our world that this should happen.
I read the other day that almost 1 million people have died from the fall out from Chernobyl, and that the Pacific Northwest was also contaminated.
What is wrong with us that we would even consider messing around with that stuff, when we have so much solar potential out there?

Bye for now
Janet Bates
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