Tuesday, April 13, 2010

great things about having a colonoscopy

I am sure that everyone reading this knows all the great things about colonoscopies, if you have not experienced it first hand, by having had one yourself, I am sure you have had the pleasure of a family member whom you have had to listen to as they whined about it.
No one is untouched by the test.
I just wanted to share a really great thing about colonoscopies that I am sure NO ONE has ever told you.
I have just found out that the gallon jug that contains the stuff you have to drink to clean you out the day before, makes a lovely tomato plant holder.
I will include picture. The jug is large..... (as in " I cannot believe I drank the whole thing" large), it is square and the bottom cuts out quite nicely to allow one to fill it up with dirt.
Not sure if everyone is familiar with the upside down way to grow tomatoes, but it a great new technology for growing. In fact you can grow MANY things this way, cucumber, zucchinis, strawberries, in fact some people with small yards can double their grow area by putting up two posts and running a 2x4 across the top of it and hanging all kinds of veggies.
I tried this a few years ago, and used those cloth bags that they always give you at conferences, but,........the cloth rotted. So this year whilst waiting each day for my hyperbarics, the man who accompanied his wife to treatments adjacent to mine, was quite a wealth of knowledge on the "small garden front". Milk jugs .....he said, well little did he know that even better than a milk jug is the colonoscopy prep bottles, and all you gotta do to get these little babies is to ..
yes...... have a colonoscopy.

yes tomorrow is the day.....
and I am STARVING!!!!!!!
I am looking at every little thing in my cupboard wondering if they may go unnoticed by the scope..... A few little crackers, is HE GOING TO NOTICE A FEW LITTLE CRACKERS.
That does remind me several years ago the surgeon telling me that he KNEW one of his patients had NOT followed the prep for the colonoscopy, he saw a hot dog weiner........ and took a picture of it to prove it.
So I guess somethings cannot be hidden.
So for now I guess I will just have yellow jello with honey on it. I was thinking about chocolate, and how it melts in your mouth and ..... how would that be different from say.... coffee, which is allowed.
by the way, my tomatoes are still alive.........(the most recent batch I planted, that is)
I decided to try something new to warm the ground. We have all these left over tiles from various projects, so I have covered the ground around the tomatoes with tiles, to soak up the sun in the day and warm up those little tomato roots at night. Perhaps this is my newest invention.
By for now
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  1. good luck today. By the way, do you know why they tell you to avoid orange, red or purple food stuff? Great picture :)