Sunday, January 23, 2011

where we are going

I have sat down to write now several times, but something seems to keep getting in the way.
So I will start all over.
The moving van is coming a week tomorrow to load our things and I will likely leave that day for Canada. Ken likely the day after.
I cancelled my health insurance for the end of January (what was I thinking)(it WAS a big deal though). I do have interim private health insurance in Canada, until the regular government insurance kicks in.(there is a 3 month waiting period)
Interesting though that the private insurance there costs less than a quarter of the monthly premiums we are paying here.

It was hard saying goodbye to everyone last weekend, such wonderful friends. The term "end of an era" was brought up about our leaving and I echoed the term in my comments of leaving. The wonderful people of the peace movement there really kept us there ......... perhaps longer than we should have stayed. We feel that all the conflict at the hospital really did me in.
However it was a time that I will always hold as a very special part of my life. To put it into a sentence.... It was the time I realized that even when all those around you disagree with you, you are not necessarily wrong.
I did truly love the hospital work as well, funny how a few bad apples can ruin the whole box.

Ken and I have decided that we are leaving SO MUCH behind, that at this point it is best we just look forward, lest we go crazy.
We ...kind of, sort of like, maybe have an offer on our house.. well you know how it goes.
AND we have had lots of interest in our Eugene house. It is all very painful, especially seeing the Bandon house go for what it is going for. Its like we spent 3 full years paying for the half of the house that someone is getting for free. Just isn't fair.

Looking forward. We have a furnished house to rent the first of February, in Chase. I am hoping to start work the first week of February. Joshes car is still registered, and insured in the US because he is a student and in looking into it, we cannot take it officially into Canada, so will have to drive it back into Washington and just sell it to a car dealer in Bellingham. (surely we are not going to come out on top of that deal) His car is a Kia and the year it was made 2006, it did not meet the standards required to be licensed in Canada.
Our Van will cost us a lot to take over as well.
Since we have lived in the US all these years we can bring our vehicles over "duty free", up to 10,000 and the rest we have to pay duty and tax on.
The Mini cooper will be fine, and it has winter tires on it, how cool is that?

We will be working at a clinic in Chase which has
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a satellite clinic over in scotch creek which you can see on this map where the two are, just zoom out and you will see Scotch creek on the north side of the bigger lake
We are looking at an older house on 3 acres half way between the two. I wish I was better with google earth and I would show you in more detail where we were going to be.
Well back to packing, will keep you updated. Love Janet

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  1. good luck with your move - maybe it's the time to change the subtitle of this journal to my journey with fruits of the earth or something corny like that.