Sunday, January 30, 2011

moving day

Well I am leaving in the morning.
I feel that I have been moving for months now, even years. We are not sure we ever really moved into the Bandon house. We built it, lived in an RV while it was being built, our 2 sons lived in smaller RVs next to ours, and we had a year of living in our own private RV park.
We moved in when it was finished, but somehow we never really moved in. Your whole perspective changes after living in an RV for a year.
You no longer have an affinity for souvenirs and trinkets, they are the first things to go when you are downsizing.
The really depressing part is that I really thought we had downsized a lot as we have gotten rid of a lot of stuff, and children (so to speak).
When you move to another country, you have to itemize everything you own, so you can provide a list to the customs person when you move. The way we have done this (now we are about to do IT for a second time) is that we have a book that we list everything that is in the boxes. Each cardboard box is assigned a number and the number goes in the book and the book lists what is in the box. Heaven help us should we lose the book. We are now making copies of the book so the moving company has a copy.
The last time we spent weeks packing and making note of everything and when we got to the border, the moving van had already crossed with out stuff and they seemed TOTALLY uninterested in our book.
(hard to pump yourself up once again to "itemize" everything you own)
However we have done that, and looking back, when we were at box 50, Ken was smug, saying that we have had over 200 boxes when we moved to the US ( as it we have so much less now)
Now we are well over 200 b0xes.
In 2003, we planned on moving back to Canada. We had taken a strong public stance against the war and had been "publicly" reminded we were Canadians and to mind our own affairs..
so to speak.
There were letters to the editor about us, we received what I would consider hate mail, and one day I felt extremely alone, I wrote a song called "Time to go". The

I feel it whenever the wind blows

I feel it deep in my soul

I feel it when the night is upon me

it's time for me to go


I Feel so far from home

I feel I don't belong

I feel like a stranger here

it's time for me to go

the tide will only get higher

the waves will start crashing in

my life will only get harder to bear

it's time for me to go

voices constantly calling

they question why I am here

they say whenever the wind blows

they say it's time to go

I yearn to be where the sun shines

my heart longs to be free

my heart will go where the wind goes

and I will go away

The song has always been one of my most popular songs and has been on two of my CDs. It has always been my families favourite song as well. For some odd reason there were several people who considered it an assisted suicide song, being written in Oregon, me being a doctor...

However it was an interesting journey into the realm of music, and all that goes on there.

It did feel odd playing the song after my diagnosis with the cancer though.

Today we did a video in our back yard, and if it is not at the end of this blog, it will be on one soon.

My health is... stable. My "twin" has just been diagnosed with possible recurrence of her cancer in the lymph nodes around the heart and lungs. When I say twin, .. she is someone who had exactly the same grade and stage or cancer and she received exactly the same treatments as me. Only thing is that she was 6 months ahead of me. I guess we were both thinking that we were out of the woods.

I am looking forward to "establishing" with the BC cancer agency for my follow up. I have more pain with time, and though it has been established that the pain is related to the radiation damage, it is hard some times, not to worry about the cancer..... but I don't... too often.

Well NOW it is moving day, I had a very rough night with nausea and pain, so I have opted to wait for Ken and drive up with him after the moving van leaves. We have to be at border before 3:30 to get the cars "imported".

The van is here...sooo

gotta go

love Janet

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