Friday, January 7, 2011

move date january 31

Hi there
Well Ken and I are definitely on the move. We have a moving date of January 31st and theoretically starting work in Chase BC on Feb 14th.
I might possibly begin before that date.

The Chase clinic is in a small town 2500 people on the little Shuswap Lake, which is right next to the Shuswap lake, which is huge. A real summer destination spot.
Chase itself is not so much of a destination as the points beyond Chase. We are looking at working in Chase and possibly eventually living at a place called Scotch Creek, which is a very small spot along the north Shuswap lake, as there are many small acreages up above the lake.
Moving and starting up this month will prevent us from sinking too much further into debt (whilst waiting for house to sell)
Ken has this (clever) ad running in the Bandon paper this week, advertising a half price sale on our house, with the price being about half of what it cost us to build.
We are trying to focus on being very unemotional about it all, after all its just money and we have our health.
Giving up the Eugene house is also very hard for us after all of our dreams of this little hobby farm. ( we have planted SO many fruit trees in the past and just left them). I worked SO hard last summer on this garden. However I am very thankful that I had such a great gardening summer and hope that soon we can have another garden.
So we try to keep looking forward instead of back and being up in Canada makes that easier. I just got back from yet another trip up to Canada yesterday. I went up to look for a house for us to rent to begin with.
Snowed the whole time I was there it seems. The mayor of Chase found us a house to rent that is fully furnished (the owners come just for the summers so we will have to be out by end of June) We figure we will have a better idea of where we want to live by then, and hopefully our properties down here will have sold by then and we can afford to buy up there.

Ken and I will work in a clinic that is next to a medical center. The medical center has lab, xray, and an emergency dept. The emergency dept is only open from 9 am until 3 pm each day.
There is a clinic in Scotch Creek that is sort of a satelite of the chase clinic.
Currently no doctors are going out to Scotch Creek clinic, there is a nurse practitioner that goes every 2 weeks. I am hoping to start going weekly to get that clinic going again. (there are 5000 full time residents on the north side of the lake and this would be their nearest medical clinic)
Ken and I have both signed a contract with Ken working full time and me working .5 time (half time)
Our two sons live in Kamloops (40 mins away)(as well as my sister)
My parents live about 3.5 hours away and Kens are about the same in the other direction.

We are having a big "leaving" party at our Bandon house on January 15th for anyone who wants to come, it may well be the last time we are in Bandon for a long while.
It will be a potluck dinner and I am encouraging people to bring lawn chairs (our couch and kitchen chairs are still there, so there is some seating.
So thats what we are up to, though leaving is very hard, we are trying to only look ahead.
Love Janet

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  1. Good luck with your move. The beauty of a garden is that you can grow them just about anywhere.

  2. Dr. Janet and "Nurse" Kenny, You both plant seeds of another type of lasting beauty...And so many have found healing-joy from your tending. I hope to get over to your pad to squeeze you a loving fare-thee-well. Best always, Susie Cush.