Saturday, October 16, 2010

6 more treatments to go

Hi Everyone
Have completed 3 weeks of hyperbarics and it has been very hectic, as for the last while I have been driving back and forth each day. I have 6 more treatments and I have to say that I do believe they are doing something. There is this fear of saying they are working for fear of jinxing the whole thing, but the bleeding has been MUCH less for the past week.
PLUS I have been walking long distances and it does not seem to have had an effect on the bleeding.
I am pretty much healed up from my surgery, the left breast is still quite sore, but surgeon said it would likely take longer to heal as the surgery had been much more intensive getting the ruptured implant out.
I just found out yesterday that though peace health had decided to hire me, but it was based on me getting hospital privileges, and though the credentials committee voted in favour of that, the medical executive committee would not allow me to apply for privileges.(because of my board certification status)
So was quite disappointed, however at a conference Ken and I were at last weekend, at least 4 different "entities" expressed an interest in me working for them. From a hospice director in Portland to a doctor asking me about joining his group, 2 nursing homes.... so I do have some options.

The genetic counsellor has requested that the pathologist reexamine my cancer tissues for evidence of "mismatch repair" MMR, which is the first step in determining whether I have the gene (or rather LACK OF) which causes Lynch Syndrome. I should be getting the results of that back on Monday and from there if that were positive, I would go on to genetic testing.
There are 4 subtypes of the mutation and so the first person in a family tested, they determine which subtype it is, and then offer testing the remainder of the family, for just that subtype.
So I will keep you posted.
I have canned about 30 jars of tomato sauce (got the recipe from the Barbara Kingsolver book "animal vegetable miracle"), as well as about 20 jars of other things.
I hope to can another 10 jars tomorrow of the tomatoes.
By for now
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