Friday, October 29, 2010

my winter garden

Hi everyone
I finished my hyperbaric treatments on Monday of this week, and am doing pretty well.
The bleeding is still present but much less that before, from approx 1/4 cup a day down to about a teaspoon. Sorry, somewhat graphic.....
I am pretty much back to almost a normal diet. I just have to limit the amounts of certain things.... other wise I have more pain.
The testing that was done for Lynch Syndrome was negative, ie my cancer tissue did not show signs of lack of mismatch repair. I did end up doing a lot of reading about Lynch syndrome and they say that only 5% of families likely to have this genetic predisposition for cancer, have been diagnosed. So if you have any family members with an early colon cancer, (ie under 50 years old) OR an early endometrial cancer (under 50), you may want to look into this, it clearly could be life saving for some.
From the photos you can see how my winter garden is coming along. About 6 weeks ago I started several veggies in the greenhouse in flats, mustard greens, spinach, Kale, broccoli, cabbage...
Ken recently finished the high tunnel, and this week we got the plastic in the mail to cover it with, so I have planted all my seedlings in the high tunnel.
For colder weather it will essentially have two layers of plastic (ie when the temp drops down below freezing), and when it is above freezing it will only be one layer.
From the pics you can see that the entire thing is covered with plastic, and then we have also covered the raised beds with plastic, and I will keep the plastic off the raised beds unless it gets really cold. (we figure that this high tunnel cost about 150 bucks to build)
The plants all seem to be doing well inside, despite the plants outside starting the frump now.
I chose the 10 best basil plants and transplanted them into pots and have them in the greenhouse. I also have moved some of my tomato plants that were in pots into the greenhouse. The other 70 plants I have harvested the green tomatoes and they are in boxes in the dark, ....ripening.... I hope.
I have harvested all the pumpkins and made pumpkin puree and dried the seeds. I have made fruit leather from the puree. I have read that pumpkin has anti prostate properties. Not that I have a prostate, but there is one in the house.....

I am seeing the gastroenterologist next week, I had hoped to tell him that bleeding was stopped, because he was so doubtful of the hyperbarics, but not so.
I am so fed up with all of this, I am contemplating getting the laser treatments to stop the bleeding completely if this does not go away.
Anyways, have a great day...
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