Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hyperbaric 2.5

Hi there

I have completed 3 of my “new” hyperbaric treatments. They are at 2.5 atmospheres and as such are about 15 minutes longer than the previous ones, for 2 reasons.

It takes longer to get to the higher pressure and down from it, and there is that 10 minute break where you breath air from a mask, this is 10 minutes in the chamber that does not count towards your 90 minutes. Because I am looking at possibly starting work again, I decided to listen to medical education tapes instead of movies, today I watched a movie. I think I might like the tapes better.

Since the treatments are in Portland we are having to do some “commuting”. Ken was off the first 3 days of this week, so we have been there together, and are driving back to Eugene now and I will drive back alone for treatment tomorrow afternoon, stay overnight and have a treatment early Friday and drive back to Eugene.

Ken and I are having a great time with long walks etc. Very odd thing happened on Monday afternoon we took dogs for a walk and I was wearing hiking boots I have had for years (they were away in a box, I just found whilst moving). We got about a mile down the road and all of a sudden one boot just litteraly fell apart, weirdest thing I have ever seen the rubber just seemed to all of a sudden disintigrate. So we turned around and headed back to the van and half way there the other shoe fell apart. So it was off to the shoe store as I only took one pair.
Yesterday we climbed up to the top of the multnomah falls, quite a hike. Then we went to Mcmennamins Edgemont winery where they were just crushing the first grapes of the season (merlot grapes in fact). They really were stomping them down. We tried all their wines and loved them all.

This Mcmennamins is a very large property that was once “the poor house”. I have to say in seeing it, that they really were nicer to “the poor” than they are now.

Althought I gather that the winery and the brewery and the distillary were not there then, it still is extremely lovely. They have rooms to rent, european style, with the bathroom down the hall. There are many different restaurants, and the rooms start at 50 dollars a night. So I am going to stay there on Thursday night rather than camping in the van. I am a little less comfortable camping on my own, than with Ken there.

I am including pictures of the hyperbaric unit as most people do not really have a sense for what they look like, heck I did not have a clue until I started.

Looks like I am ready for blast off....



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  1. WOW, that's a big baby. hope things are going well for you.

  2. It looks to me as if you deserve a pair of Dolphins. If you can stay in that glass box for 90 minutes, you can qualify submarines.

    Pulling for you. Missing you too. And playing your tunes.
    Kertis E.