Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Normal CT scan

Hi Everyone
Just wanted to let you know the preliminary results on my CTscan.... YEA
There was no evidence of cancer. Some non specific soft tissue changes in the rectum, which I presume is the colitis/proctitis that is causing the bleeding.
On these surveilance scans they check the chest, abdomen and pelvis....
So I am quite relieved. I will likely have the ca 125 done in one month to see which direction it is going and if is still going up, I will likely go and see my gynecologist/oncologist.

I managed to run 13.3 miles on Sunday, which is a half marathon. It is quite different running long distance and clearly takes organizing, as I am only able to drink small amounts of water at a time with out the cramping, so it was good it was not a hot day, in which case I would have to drink more than my stomach can handle. Over the years when I get beyond 10 miles I eat power bars, but even a small part of one immediately sent my stomach into cramps, so will have to get the "gu"........ which is a thick pudding like energy alternative for long distance runners.
I used to use it years ago and got so sick of it I switched over to powerbars and have always been able to eat them whilst running.
We are playing at BREWED AWAKENINGS on Friday night at 6:30
Ken and Mark and I, and we are being joined by Jaime Sterling and Rick Franke.

We had our first zuchinni from our garden two nights ago..... likely the first of "too many"

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