Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dolly Parton

Hi Everyone
No this is not going to be a blog about my tomatoes..... well actually I DO have 6 teensy tomatoes now. I have noticed that looking at them several times a day does NOT make them grow any faster.
I had said I would post our video from the North west folk life festival we played at May 31 up in SEattle. We played on two stages, one called the ALKI stage and the other was a Dolly Parton Tribute stage.
We had our choice of Dolly Parton songs we could choose to play. The one I selected was called " the cowgirl and the dandy". The song is about a cowgirl in an airport on a night when all the planes had been grounded due to stormy weather. She meets up with a "dandy", "the grandest man that she had ever seen". The point of the song is that two very different people got together for a night of stormy weather. The song was written by Bobby Goldsboro and recorded by John Denver as well as Brenda Lee.
Ken and I met in an airport on a night when all the planes were grounded due to snowstorms, but that is about where the parallels end. I was NOT wearing rhinestone studded suit and Ken was not wearing a derby. However here is the video that Ken's sister Pat recorded for us.
Unfortunately, there was a sound issue and so you can not hear Ken and Mark's instruments as well as I would have liked, but this is how things often go at festivals.

I have my appt in Portland with Gastroenterologist on July 1st, and with the pain I have been having I have been thinking of going back to Dr Cooks plan.
He had said he wanted a ct of chest abdomen and pelvis approx every 6 months. (which would be early July)
I had thought I would hold off until I saw the gastroenterologist in case he suggested something different. I was also concerned about MORE radiation.
I guess now I am thinking that I should have the test before I see him. I guess something else has come up, in that my tumour markers have gone up.
The CA 125 went from 6 - 9 in the past 2 months, and they say that a 15% rise can indicate a recurrence and this is a 30 % rise. Of course I just got the results back yesterday and have been trying all week to get ahold of Cook.
To anyone who has had a ca 125, these numbers sound very low, but when you have had a radical hysterectomy, they tend to run extremely low, being there is no tissue left to produce it.

So today I have to say I am more scared than I have been in months. It is hard to say what this radiation enteritis does to the CA 125, but I know bowel cancer CAN raise it, so I wonder if bowel diseases can also raise it.......
Anyways will see what this week holds
bye for now
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