Sunday, June 27, 2010

magnificent morning

Hi Everyone
I thought I would share a few photos of my garden today, and since a few things are not behaving very photogenic today, I will likely share a few more when the GET more photogenic (ie...grow)
This morning, I got up, picked myself a bowl of strawberries, raspberries and picked a few cherries off the tree. I am limiting myself to 4 cherries a day because they have such a thick skin, and the tree is only ripening about 10 a day and that leaves 6 for Ken.
I seem to be doing well with the strawberries and raspberries.....yea!!!!!
There were strawberries growing all over the place here, on the ground in areas they were not getting the best light, so I have been gradually digging them up and planting them in a cocophany of containers, many of which I was going to get rid of.....old garbage bins, unused plastic containers etc. (if you click on the photo you can see a bigger version of it)
I have then stacked them all on this lovely bench that Ken made for our greenhouse in Bandon.
So it is fun to just pick the strawberries standing up PLUS the snails have further to climb to get them.

The potatoes in the first bin look almost ready to harvest, the second bin has a month to go, I figured I would harvest the potatoes and then replant the barrel with a new set.
SO we can have early potatoes now and leave the rest for the fall.

You can see from the photo at the top, how much fun Ken is having with the cattle panels. This particular "invention" is for growing the grapes, to trellis them along. WHen we got home yesterday, there was someone in front of the house taking pictures of it. yea ken

I will try to get better pictures of the 70 tomato plants later when I can ask Ken how to change the settings on the camera. (Ken is working in Bandon today and coming back tonite)

Well I got the CT scan report when I was in Bandon, and it turns out that the doctor who gave the verbal was not the one who did the final read.
The one who did the final read has described a nodular density behind the rectum, that is 2 cm by 2 cm. He says it was also there in January and a bit larger then. He is suggesting a PET scan.
The only problem with this is that the doc who read the scan in January said it was normal.
So when I went the gynecologist in January, and the gastroenterologist they were under the impression it was normal.
I really do not know if there is any significance to this. I THINK my first colonoscopy had a polyp removed in that area that was considered precancerous, but the colonoscopy this time did not show anything. In my thoughts, I am wondering if perhaps I might have bled behind where he took the biopsy and there could be a hematoma there now. ( a hematoma is essentially a blood clot that forms in the tissues and once there it stays there, it just very gradually gets smaller and harder)
I have not heard from Dr Cook about the scan, he IS the one who ordered it. So will see whether he decides to go ahead with the PET or not.
A PET scan is a test that really just is intended to pick up a cancer recurrence early. They infuse a radioactive labeled glucose molecule and it concentrates in areas where cancers are, as cancer cells require more glucose.
I am a bit concerned about this because I am bleeding more all the time, rectally.
I AM seeing the gastroenterologist on Thursday up at OHSU, so the timing could not be better.

I am looking at my options with regards to work here, and there are not any, and that is pretty much OK with me, however I would like to work just a little. This past few weeks Ken hurt his back really badly. He actually had to call in sick to work at the university because he just could not move. He is much better now, but it did scare me a bit because right now we are totally dependent on Ken being able to work. Our health premiums alone are 1100 a month, not to mention our loan payments. We are just fine as long as Ken can work some. (everything will be fine when our house sells in Bandon)
So I am thinking I am going to join Dr Gail McClave with her clinic and do just one day a month, seeing her patients out at the "nursing homes", Heritage place, and Harmony estates. (they are not really nursing homes, but everyone calls them that)
This is actually what I have done for years, and it would be great for me to do it in conjunction with Gail, she is unable to get out to see people at the facilities and many of these people cannot get to her office to see her.
Well back to gardening today. We are going to be in Eugene now for the next several weeks.

Really looking forward to the Oregon Country Fair
We are performing there on Saturday and Sunday.

Bye for now
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