Tuesday, January 12, 2010

radiation enteritis

Well I went today to see my gynecologist/oncologist.

She heard the whole story and said it sounds like you have radiation enteritis and said that she had had several women over the years with this and what they have to do is dietary modifications ( a basic low residue diet), and to take the pain meds when I need them, and the zofran when I have the nausea and that usually it goes away after a few years. Having read some of the "other " ways the enteriis can go......perforations, fistulas and eventually TPN. She said that the more severe cases of radiation enteritis were amungst those who had vascular disease already. (Ateriosclerosis, or Atherosclerosis, heart attacks angina, etc), and in smokers.Finally something good from quiting smoking all those years ago, and here I had to come down with the one cancer that has a lower incidence in smokers.
She said that having healthy arteries decreases my chances of this advancing.

So I will be seeing a dietician this week, and a gastroenterologist.

I have found that following a low residue diet the last week HAS helped the pain. The very hard thing for me is that I am one of those granola types, lentils, black bean soups, nuts whole grains, IS my whole diet. I have spent years improving my diet to get to this level. I had even been throwing around the idea of writing a cook book, I am THAT into nutrition.
So this is a blow to me, but a huge relief to have someone talk to me who has seen this before and what the natural course usually is.

Boy is sure is going to be hard to eat white bread.
However on the flip side...... I think mushrooms are just fine, as is pizza

I had 2 pieces of whole grain toast today and have had terrible pain all morning.
So it is clear what sets it off.


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