Friday, January 29, 2010

actinic Keratosis

Well Ken and I are enjoying our little house over in Eugene that we rent from the bank :)
I am working on a very complicated colour scheme in the bathroom. Some parts of it I have repainted 3 times. But it is fun. Right now I am working with purple, pink and black and white.
Ken and I are thinking of this place as our "place to practice being retired"

We are working on one week and off one week, so spend the off weeks here. We are riding our bikes to town and yesterday went looking for hats, this time not to cover the fact I have no hair, but to cover my hair.
Not that I am bragging or anything (well maybe I am) but it is growing in SOOOO thick, it is just standing on end, and I forget all the time to comb it. Ken is always looking at me on our way somewhere and telling me it is standing straight up. It IS hard to remember to comb your hair when you have not had any for 8 months. I think to myself "who cares if it is standing on end, at least I have hair". I do think the back is growing in curly, just noticed that.
I am actually getting my hair cut on Monday, the first hair cut in over a year. (well except for that horrible day in March last year that my remaining hairs were shaved off.)
My face is looking worse every day with this efudex treatment. I am putting the cream on twice a day and am supposed to do it until the lesions crust over. I only thought I had 2 of them, but when I put the cream on, large areas became red and inflamed, meaning that those areas are areas of pre cancers. So I am telling myself that I am going through this now to prevent invasive treatments years down the road. The lesions are getting somewhat painful and since they are on top of my nose and cheeks, (the area the sun hits) wearing glasses hurts. Then I remembered I have a rough area on the top of my lip and put the cream there, and now my lip is swelling, and red and inflamed. All areas that the sun hits.
Once the lesions crust over, then you stop the cream and it takes 3-4 weeks for them to heal. I have read where they are using this stuff to get rid of wrinkles.....interesting......

Only problem is that we have a concert at Brewed awakenings ( Bandon) on the 12th of February at 7pm. Hope my face looks better by then.
We are also opening for Anne Feeney on the 19th of February at the "Green spot" in Coos Bay.
That show is at 8pm.

Someone told me that Michael Jackson had his own hyperbaric unit. hmmmm
Love Janet
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  1. Wow you seem to have lot on your plate at the moment. Good luck with concert. I have friend called Anne Feeney but she lives in Switzerland and is not a singer by any means :)