Saturday, November 21, 2009

Large mushrooms

Hi Everyone

I think that mushrooming is a lot like gambling. Once you have won big, it is SOOO hard to walk away from the table. Ken has just dragged me out of the forest after 3 hours spent searching for another Matsutake. The picture I will include is the massive one I found a few days ago. Pretty hard to improve on this one.  It weighed 2.5 lbs.  Today however we found some very large hedgehogs, in fact the largest we have ever seen, so it has been a week of records.

For thanksgiving dinner I am going to cook this monster Mastutake, stuffed with something like crabmeat so am now in search of a yummie crab stuffed Matsutake recipe. In the event that I do not find one, I will make one up.

We are on our way to Eugene now. During radiation treatment in Eugene Ken and I purchased a small house. Not sure if it was the wisest thing to do, but nevertheless we have it, and are calling it the cabin. Two of my sisters have cottages on lakes, where in the summer they go to get out of town.  We are essentially doing the opposite. We live in the country and are "getting INTO town" when we want a break.  It is pretty small, 800 square feet, and it is just perfect for us and our dogs. Life at the hospital in Bandon, has once again become stressful, and so it is nice to have an escape. And what an escape it is, we do not even think of work when we are there.

I have made a conscious decision not to let my life get stressful again.  A lot of stressors in life are really just how you view a situation, and by putting it into perspective, you can deal with it.  Asking yourself, is this really THAT significant a problem that I am going to let it affect me this much.  After all the reading on how stress affects cancers,  I guess I ask myself, "are you going to let this problem potentially feed a cancer", and if the answer is yes, then something has to change.  At least that is my plan for now.

Up until this week, in my role as Chief of staff at the hospital, I have been attempting to anticipate contentious issues and prevent them. We will see how this goes, perhaps I will become a farmer sooner rather than later. I wonder if they polled physicians who quit medicine if they would find out it is the politics rather than the medicine that leads them to do that?

The way I see politics, they are like a rapid flowing river. You have to figure out if you can survive the current before you jump in, and those who are very successful at it don't mind ending up a long ways down the river.

Well back to looking for a recipe for stuff matsutakes 



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