Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi Everyone
We can now add Bolete mushrooms to our repertoire.  We picked this one  a few days ago and after much studying and testing we ate it, and lived. We also found that our tummies tolerated the bolete better than they tolerate chanterelles. So need less to say, all that I can find out in the woods today are chanterelles.
Hunting for mushrooms is so much fun, and I read somewhere that people who eat mushrooms at least 5 times a week have lower risk of cancers, and walking at least 5 days a week decreases the risk of recurrences in many cancers, so its a win win situation. We have been doing this for a few years ago, in previous years we just found it fun.
I have been running a few times now, but the pain in my legs lasts for 3 days after, hard to figure, but will keep going at it.
There is a 28 year old woman in Bandon who has just been diagnosed with advanced Breast cancer. She apparently found a mass in her breast after a recent pregnancy and in the subsequent investigation was found to have what appeared to be mets in several other areas.  She is currently awaiting enrollment in a clinical trial, and has started chemo in the meantime.
I think that this event sounds like great fun and for a great cause. So I am going to try to run the 3 miles this Sunday. Hope to see you there, Love and peace Janet Bates 

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