Thursday, September 10, 2009

NORMAL ct scan

Hello everyone
Just wanted to write a short note to let everyone know that my ct scan was NORMAL.....
and my ca125 is 7 which is exactly where we want it to be. I am thrilled, or should I say WE are thrilled.
I feel I can now think into the distant future without fears that I will "jinx" something.

I never wrote about it, but early August I saw my gynecologist/oncologist in Eugene and had the first of my "followup" exams and it was completely normal. She said at that time that most recurrences occur in the first 2 years, rarely the first 3 years and almost unheard of beyond there.
So I am a third of the way there. Where is there? Well "there" is to be able to clearly say " I won". I clearly feel at this point I have a very strong lead over the "other" team.

I guess I have a tendancy to think in metaphors, I guess perhaps that really helps my song writing. The other day I was thinking about this whole cancer treatment and how it reminded me of a war. There is a "civil" war going on, and all of a sudden, another country comes in with bombers and infantrymen and basically bombs everyone.
Where I am right now, is watching all MY little soldiers getting up, dazed, dusting themselves off, some of them going to the first aid tent for treatment, basically saying "who are those guys?" The cancer soldiers aren't.

I guess now is the time for me to begin my own personal anti cancer treatment, with kindness for my body. Jimmie Buffet has this great song, the name of which escapes me, but one line where the girl is saying to the guy "I treat my body like a temple, you treat yours like a tent". I am going to work on my temple. Organics, turmeric, ginger, and yes I will need to develop a taste for green tea.

Now I have to get through the next week of low blood counts. The white blood count usually reaches its lowest point somewhere around day 21 and then my guess is that it will start to go back up naturally. The reason I say "guess" is that up until now I have not gotten to day 22 without doing something else to knock it back down.
Ken and I are planning on leaving for a month long trip to Canada on day 24, so hoping the counts will rebound quickly.
Love and peace
Janet Bates
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