Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canada here we come...look out

Hi everyone

Finally on our way to Canada. Been a long week in many ways. 

My white blood count was 1.4 on Wednesday when I saw dr Cook with an ANC of 800. I was trying not to go with the Neupogen, however went for one last blood test on Friday, just to verify that my blood count was coming up, and found that it had dropped further.  So I went for a neupogen shot before we left. I had a splitting headache all night, so I assume my blood count is going up. 

(with the bone marrow in the pelvis seemingly out of commission the other main areas of cell production take over such as the skull, ribs and sternum). Not totally relying on that my sister has set up a doctors appointment for me on Monday, and hopefully I can get a reassuring count then.

I have written my first song in a year, well at least I have laid the main ground work (which is the hardest part in most songs).

It is called" It is so hard to be a good dog".  I am sure anyone who knows Chewy will know where the inspiration for this came from. I wrote the music a year ago, and was never happy with the lyrics, and there was something Chewy did yesterday that just looked like a line he would say.  Sometimes I wonder if he really tries though :)

So  we are very well equipped as we head north. We have antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals, all just in case.  We also have something for the headache the neupogen causes and one course of Tamiflu which I will only use if I really need it.

 Oh and Ken has a bottle of "bees winter defense" which is the most awful tasting pill, but Ken swears it is going to boost my immune system.

We also have 3 rain coats and 2 downfilled coat.

peace and love

Janet Bates

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  1. ...and hopefully Canada will be sunny, warm and bathed in beautiful colours for your visit. J&B

  2. We are not there yet, but we can see it from where we are the border line up
    janet and Ken