Sunday, June 19, 2011

the end of the journey

Hi Everyone
Well perhaps not so much the end of the journey, but I guess I am feeling more and more confident that I left the endometrial cancer behind a long time ago. With all the superstitions etc, I feel it hard to say cure, because in medicine, you never say never and never say always, and I am fine to look at it from a relative perspective. I am relatively certain I no longer have endometrial cancer.
Has the CT scan a few weeks ago and it was normal and had the CA 125 done this last week and it was 5, almost 2.5 years after my surgery, that is pretty darn reassuring for me.
I am not going to post on this blog anymore, but will begin a new one for those friends from the US who I think just wonder how we are doing. I think I will call it Ken and Janets great adventures, because we DO have some great adventures.

My other problems are still there, and still a problem, but I cannot imagine them being of any interest to anyone anymore.

This has been quite a week for us, on Tuesday the funds came through on our sale of the Eugene house and our Williams Lake house (we have owned the house my parents lived in for the past 22 years) (My mother has gone into a care facility and my father has moved into a mobile home park across from my mother's facility)
We are out of debt for the first time in many many years, and if we do not go too crazy, should have enough to build this house without going into debt again.

We are living in an RV next to where our house is being built and I am sitting here viewing my incredible garden, in total silence, except for the occasional bird........ oh and Rex's occasional bark, remember REX?
Things are not going quite as well as we wanted at work YET, but then again, you have a little more leeway when you are out of debt. Hopefully they will be just fine in a month or so.
We only want to work half time each, making one full time.
We really feel that we are living on the best place on earth. The North side of the Shuswap only has one main road leading to it and it goes all the way up to Seymour Arm, which is about 2 hours north of here.
When you come around the north side of the lake, you cross this one way bridge, and then you are in Scotch Creek, and there is something about crossing that bridge that to me feels like I am home. I never like crossing it going the other way. I really feel home.

Last night we celebrated our older son Dylan's 24th birthday, and had friends of his over. It was so special to be so close to our kids and have a chance to be more involved with their lives.
Last weekend Dylan plumbed our entire house, which was a very special day. I was so proud. He was so methodical about getting all the lines in and out.
Very special situation to be able to see your grown children's work first hand. He is being pretty darn tolerant of my "change of minding".... I decided to add a prep sink, at the last minute.
Although we really thought that having a small house we would never do the house concert thing again, somehow it has turned out that we figure the house WILL be big enough for house concerts. Just how it turned out, so looking forward to getting back into that.

I have dropped back to 2 days a week recently, and feel that that might be perfect for me. I have been working 3 days a week and sometimes I either have a lot of pain, OR am nauseated. I feel that I can get through one day in a row like that, but not 2.
So I will ultimately be working tuesdays and thursdays.

We are leaving for Oregon on July 6th. I have an appt with the cancer agency in Kelowna in the afternoon there, and we will head south that night.
We are performing at the Oregon country Fair, on July 8th 9th and 10th, so if you are there, please come and say hello.
We are then going to Bandon on the 11th, or 12th, and performing at Bullards Beach amphitheater on July the 13th at 6:30, and then at brewed awakenings in Bandon on July 15th, at 6:30 (I think)...or maybe it was 6..? Perhaps check with them

I will post here to let you know what the new blog will be, but for now this will be my last blog.
I have to say that it has meant so much to have someone interested enough in what was going on with me to read my blog. I realize that over the past year or so my blog has little to do with the cancer, but it seemed a way, after we moved away from Bandon, to keep people apprised of our whereabouts.
Now I feel I need to call it something else

Once again thank you and do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions, I will post here to say where the new blog will be, much love


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  1. good luck with your new adventure and I look forward to seeing you new blog.

    I closed a blog last year as it was the end of an era but before I deleted it I arranged for it to be printed via blog to print ( They were very good and I had the book within a week. Just this weekend my eldest daughter was looking at it and saw a reference to her dog which she had a good chuckle about.

    Unfortunately they didn't print any of the comments, so I just printed them myself.

    The house is looking great and you sound great.

  2. Yes the house looks wonderful. Hope you superinsulated it. Mildly disappointed I haven't converted you to strawbale construction though.