Sunday, April 10, 2011

a garden interupted

Hi everyone.
We are out on our property now, we purchased a Park Model home, which are RVs made more for semipermanent parking. It is an older model 1998, and we got it for less than more RVs cost. It is 36 feet long with 2 slide outs. (These slide outs are the old fashioned kind that you have to slide out by hand, it took Ken and I a day to get them out)
We just came back from my first official run since being in Canada. We just headed off the backside of our property onto a trail that made a 2.5 mile loop, which for me is........ priceless.
Our property is at the end of a culdesac that then goes into a big forest, and I am essentially 2 blocks from the tiny clinic I work at in Scotch Creek. (more on that one later)
I will try to post some pictures later when we get back to Chase.
We still have the rental house in Chase, until the end of May, but we JUST LOVE IT OUT HERE!!!!
I cannot wait until our friends Mark (our drummer) and Linda come to visit us with their dog, we will just be able to head off the back with dogs and NO LEASHES.... priceless.
After the Bandon house sold and we got the money, the US dollar had dropped so far that we were only able to purchase the land, and really have nothing left to build. So we will have to borrow from the bank, just to start the foundation
HOWEVER, anyone who knows my music, the first song on the first cd......... we have a home, we have a garden AND we have a place in the woods...
Guess we do not need much else. I wish I could remember the name of the song, I guess I did not put the first cd on the website......
HERE IN YOUR ARMS on the CD a time has come.....

Gardening, I have found this blog quite useful to go back and find out what I did wrong gardening last summer. I have JUST as many tomato plants maybe more, but I have not yet planted any of them, in fact I have not planted anything in the ground yet. I have a makeshift greenhouse with big lawn chairs and plastic draped over them.
I have already lost most of my basil seedlings, but they had been started too early anyways, so have restarted them.
I have pepper plants and tomato plants up to 4-5 inches spinach, arugula, asparagus, endive.
The area I am in has about an average last frost day about 2 weeks later than Eugene.

Our property is 1.6 acreas and we are on a street that all the other lots are 1 acre. We have one house on our left and another on our right that seem to have owners that are TOTALLY obsessed with mowing their lawns, as well as all the OTHER things that people do with lawns t his time of year, between the two of them there has been a mower going almost all weekend and the guy on the left is just heading out with a gas can.
I am certain we are going to be a big disappointment to the neighborhood. CHAOS!
Our vegetable garden is going to be out by the road, likely bringing down the whole neighborhood.
The guy on the left has already offered to loan us his bobcat (I gather to get our yard in shape to look just like his)
The little clinic I work at, it seems that everyone who comes in is a gardener. One patient I was just showing out of my office one day and in the hallway, he was asking if there are any plants I would like, I said, it would be great to get some Rhubarb starts, if someone is dividing their plants and all of a sudden three people said "I can get you rhubarb", the nurse, someone in the waiting room and the patient I was seeing.
So I have offers of strawberries, raspberries, chives, rhubarb, and a guy down the road has offered us all the apples we want in the fall (he has about 50 trees and nothing to do with them all), have I said how much I love it here????
There is this one thing about the neighborhood I really do not like, one of the guys on the cul de sac has two large flags in his yard and Canadian and American
Ken and I will get our peace flag out there

I HAVE HEALTH CARE INSURANCE! as of April 1st, it is SOO reassuring to know that if something happens we are not going to be destroyed financially. Between my biopsy and my visit to the cancer center, I have spent 800 dollars in the past 2 months. In Canada the amount they charge non residents is exorbitant. At the cancer center they were going to charge me 1050 dollars just to see the doctor, until I showed them my passport, and proof that I was on waiting list to get bc health insurance. Then they charged me 400. I think that if I would have had insurance they would have billed the insurance 200. I believe this is done to discourage americans from coming to Canada for their cancer treatments. I found the whole debacle kind of embarrassing, that a cancer center would be like Canada.

I am doing well, I believe I have been losing weight, as the foods I can eat are so limited, and so I tend to snack less because I just end up getting pain and nausea half an hour later. (it took me a year to "get it") The rectal bleeding is always there too, but I don't worry about it anymore because I know it does not affect my blood count too much. (I guess this also took me a year to "get it")
So I am 2 years and 1.5 months post surgery, and it is looking more and more like I " beat the dragon".... I really do not think about it much, and almost never worry about it anymore.

Bye for now

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