Tuesday, March 22, 2011

life carries on

Hi there
We have now been in Canada for almost 2 months, and we are adjusting. Somehow it just seems as though if we could just get through the.......... then everything is going to be fine. We keep thinking that anytime now, our lives are going to settle down and the stressors are going to go away. Sometimes I wonder if I just have this unreal expectation that there is such a thing as a life without stress.
We just today received the funds from out Bandon house, it was due on March 1st, and we had made offer on land here, so a very stressful month.
So everything going through today, yesterday we found out that Ken's dad had a heart attack last weekend.....
my mother is going into nursing home on Friday. Big step in my life..... sooooo hard to deal with. I had hoped in moving to Canada to be able to be more involved in my mother's care.

So my sister and I are driving up to Williams Lake to be there when my mother goes to the facility and Ken is going in the other direction to be there with his parents. His father is almost 90 now.
We have had multiple trips to Kamloops and Kelowna trying to get our vehicles "inspected" so that they can be licensed in Canada.
I think if we were to do it over again we might have just sold our vehicles prior to the move, for all it has cost and the time involved. I think that moving to another country is not for the light hearted.... and to do it twice is NUTZ. EVERYTHING has to be changed when you change countries.....my next big step is that April 1st, I will officially have health care in Canada. There is a 3 month wait once you arrive.
All of my medical misadventures have definitely aided in our medical knowledge, in that between us we have diagnosed 4 people with radiation proctitis, patients whom had been treated unsuccessfully for what was felt to be hemorrhoids etc. So perhaps others might benefit.
The land we have ....purchased is 2 blocks from the clinic I will be working at in Scotch Creek, it is 1.67 acres and flat and perfect for gardening/farming. I have hundreds of little seedlings growing in our rental house, just vying for a bit of light. (we do have undercabinet flourescent lighting in the kitchen) So I just have to keep everything growing for another week or so until we can put the seedlings out on our new property.
We have found a house plan online that includes photographs of the house fully built.
It IS smaller than the Bandon house, but all we really need.

We will make the downstairs bathroom wheelchair accessible so my mother can come and stay.

Lots of Love
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