Saturday, February 26, 2011

My second anniversary

I have to say that it has been years since I really looked forward to christmas, or my birthday etc etc. However I really do could the days to my anniversaries from my surgery. So I am now 2 years cancer free. It was quite timely how the results of my biopsy came back yesterday, just in time to add to the celebrations. My biopsy was benign!
So on wards.
Celebrated by getting a crown done on one of my molars which in itself was pretty exciting, since this was the first dental work I have had done in the past 14 years (and I have had lots root canals etc) that I was actually numb. So seem to have found myself a very good dentist.

May have created my own monster, in that the area that we biopsied is showing no signs of healing at all, however we will take out stitches today since stitches themselves left in can be a source of infection. But that is nothing I haven't already dealt with so no biggie there.

Bye for now, looking towards a hopefully warmer March.
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