Saturday, August 21, 2010

my garden

I saw the ENT doctor yesterday, and he said that the redness at the back of my throat/tongue, had pretty much resolved and that he did not feel that this was a cancer, more an inflammation from the sinus drainage. This is my basil garden.

Crook neck squash, green beans, apple tree

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  1. Your garden looks really good. Unfortunately, ours was not so good this year, just like last year, although as usual the weeds and bugs thrived. I think the summers are just becoming too hot for anything to survive.

    I am trying to persuade Gordon to dig it all over the autumn and plant some more fruit trees in its place as its so sad when he comes back from work, to find another bug has wiped out all his efforts again. The bugs will no doubt have field day with them as well but at least they look better than the weeds we have at the moment.

    Glad to hear that your health on the up.