Friday, May 14, 2010


I guess I have spent the past week trying to come to terms with leaving this job. ...... and also trying to explain it, to me, and to others.

I have truly loved my work here, the nurses could not be better to work with anywhere. I have loved this job.
I do have many other wonderful things in my life and I guess I need to move on to them. I DO have to do it somewhere else though.
I have my wonderful garden, my music, my great husband and friends and family and my life. You just cannot have it all.

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that the hyperbarics did not help me much. I hold to the possibility that the treatments may have prevented my problem from getting worse.
I was doing better during the treatments (than I am now) except that the rectal bleeding started then in a bigger way than in the past. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I just needed to do it a bit longer, and unfortunately no one seems to know the answer to that. None of the doctors at the clinic seemed to know much about the whole thing, and my gastroenterologist knew nothing about it.
So I am hoping that the Gastroenterologist at OHSU might know a bit more about it.
Oh and I just found out this week that my insurance is going to pay for the hyperbarics, it has been rather stressful with regards that.

However I am slowing coming to terms with the possibility that there is no further improvement possible. Working on developing a whole new way to eat. I might have to go back to meat, not being able to eat legumes and being a vegetarian, I tend to be hungry all the time.
I am eating tons of spinach, which I am growing tons of in my garden, as I need the added iron to make up for the bleeding. So far my blood count with respect to that is doing OK.

I have planted tons of potatoes as well, though Ken and I have not been potato eaters in the past, we will become potato eaters with all the new changes. We are growing them in oak barrels and layering them.
I really need to post some pics of my garden when I get back to Eugene.
But this next picture is Ken and I with my sister Angie and her husband Kelly, at a James Taylor/Carol King concert we went to a week ago. INCREDIBLE night.
OTHER GREAT NEWS Josh got a GREAT report card for his first full university term AND he has a job...
bye for now LOVE

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